Theme of artifact not populated / visible

I created an artifact that I’m using for a while for base functionality as well as some base styling.
I created a new theme called GC-Dental in this artifact, then I install the artifact in my application (as always after an update I increase the version on the artifact) and the theme doesn’t show in the list of selectable themes

In my artifact it looks like this:

All other updates are always deployed, but the themes are not. What am I missing?
I also tried deployThemes on both sides artifact as well as the application: deployThemes - CUBA Platform. Developer’s Manual

Hi, Edwin

We also faced this problem. Sometimes it is, sometimes everything works well.

We discovered the ritual. :slight_smile:
If you execute it, the theme from the base artifact always works in the application that uses the base artifact.
The ritual is:

  1. In the basic component (with custom theme):
  • Undeploy, Clean
  • Change the version of the artifact
  • Run gradle task - BuildScSSThemes
  • Install app Component
  1. In an application that uses this component
  • Undeploy, Clean
  • Increase Application Artifact Version
  • Edit dependency for basic component (specified new version)
  • assemble

I think this is some sort of gradle cache problem…
When we switched to assembly in the Azure Devops pipeline, the problem disappeared.
There, each time a pure virtual machine rises during assembly, and the influence of the cache is eliminated.

Hi Andrey,
thanks for the advice… It’s still not working though. I tried twice following exactly your steps. I also tried the File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart function of the IDE, which sometimes solves weird issues. This time it didn’t.

As a workaround I extended the Hover Theme in the artifact, copied and adjusted everything in there and applied the artifact to the main application. Although my new Theme still doesn’t show up the extended hover theme works fine.

We’ll see if the Theme appears once I install in Staging and Production environment. But for now I’m happy with the extended hover theme.

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I suppose that you generated app-component.xml before creating a custom theme in the App component. Try to re-create component descriptor using CUBA Studio. If the problem persists, please share a demo project with a custom theme or at least app-component.xml.


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That worked, thanks very much!