The joy of programming

I’ve been playing with CUBA for the last 3 weeks and it made me love Java web programming again. It is wonderful to focus just on the business side of your web app and get an enterprise-level product with minimal effort.

It’s so impressive that I licensed Studio for a personal project. I don’t know if this project will succeed, but I’m pretty sure that it will be a total disaster without CUBA.

Thanks and keep it growing !



Thanks Alejandro, such feedback is very encouraging to hear! I hope your project will be a great success and we can publish a case study on our website :wink:

It’s been a year since this post in this forum and that personal project now became a reality, sold this month not to one but two major pharma companies. Indeed, very promising. I’m still speachless at the pace of progress you can make with Cuba Studio.

Thanks to the team and the community for your dedicated and quick answers, you saved me several days.

Attached is a picture of the barcode labels printed from the Cuba app.



That’s very good :slight_smile: congrats.

Quick question, Did you use Jasperreport library in CUBA for this label?

I used a library for Zebra label printing:

Hi Alejandro!
That’s great news! My congratulations and hope you’ll get more and more sales!


Hi Alejandro,
Is it still going well with Cuba-Platform ?
(It is indeed an awesome platform :slight_smile:

Absolutely ! Our CUBA-based app is running at some pharma companies. The users love the interactive filters, tables and forms that CUBA provides and the IT/IS teams are happy that we comply with all their roles/permissions/policies, something that is definitely above my ability and time to do.

We run it both on premise (Windows/Tomcat/MSSQL) and on the cloud (Linux/Docker/MySQL), depending mostly on the customer policies. It’s been almost 2.5 years after the first message on this thread and I’m as happy as the first day.

You can check some screens at