The admin /admin user and password not working

When following with the tutorial, I reach the point where I must login with admin/admin and it says

LOGIN Failed
Please contact system administrator


this message can appears because of multiple possible reasons. Is there any tomcat logs that you can share? Are you using studio to run the server or are you running a standalone war?


That error also occurs when the database is in an inconsistent state. Launch ‘Run -> Update database’ from Studio. If the problem persists, please share your logs.

Thanks for your quick reply. I am attaching a document containing the localhost_access , manager and localhost.
THe manager and the localhost show:
“No Spring WebApplicationInitializer types detected on classpath”

LOgs.docx (11.1K)

Could not find anything helpfull in your file.
Look also through the app.log if there are some exceptions during the start. Or try to zip the whole ‘logs’ folder.

I could not find app.log file The attached is the Logs folder from the tomcat folder and not the build in the sales sample. The log folder in that is empty.

Logs.7z (18.4K)

Which tomcat-server are you using for your application?
Try to use default tomcat: do not change the ‘Tomcat path’ in the project settings.

If you are using custom tomcat installation, the project requires additional setup to work well.

I am using tomcat 8.0.21

I installed some files as below:
I used the following which I found on :
-item 3; I did not find shared in the project
- item 5 ; I did not find a jdbc-driver in the lib of the server nor the project lib.

  1. Build and run your project.
    (Once you have successfully run your application, all required files were created in the build/tomcat folder. So you can use them on another tomcat server.)
    Note: It is necessary to build and run a project with the same type of database (adjusted in the “project properties”), which you want to use on your server.

  2. Download the latest stable build of tomcat. Unpack it somewhere on your windows system - so that will be the server folder.

  3. Copy webapps and shared from a project’s build/tomcat directory to corresponding directory of the server.

  4. Copy conf/ from your project to server. To enable logging, also copy /conf/logback.xml.

  5. Put required jdbc-driver to the lib-directory of your server. (You can also find it in the lib-directory of your project’s tomcat).

  6. Next, ensure the path to DB is correctly adjusted in your server’s context.xml (the file is located in webapps/app-core/META-INF/ as usual)

  7. Run tomcat/bin/service.bat install. As a result, a new windows service should appear.

I installed the tomcat-8.0.35 and tried to run, I get as shown in the attached

Screenprint.docx (99.4K)

I resolved the issue by downloading a hsqldb jar file and placing it in the Lib
Thanks for your support

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Had the same issue. Something wrong with some extended entity views. I edited view, applied and LOGIN FAILED ERROR disapeared.