Thanks To Cuba and Cuba Team!

Hello friends.

I nearly almost four months I started doing work with CUBA. For me it is an incredible platform. I have been programming in .NET, my knowledge in Java were null, and my development tool Visual Studio was my programming language and Microsoft Lightswitch.

As you know most, Microsoft Lighswitch was (and I say was because Microsoft has killed) a language of LOB applications-oriented companies, which make an application, it could be very simple and in record time.

After months and months of searching for an alternative, I decided to try CUBA. At first, like any language, it seemed a bit busy to learn.

As I progressed, I could go see examples of code, projects demo, and others who have to learn conociemientos JAVA, and also that can apply to LOB applications, the goal I think we are more interested at all .

I could make 2 applications internal use of our company in record time, and now only knowledge we are developing a billing application. I can tell you that in two weeks, we have an application that many micro companies could use to make their bills.

The fact of making this application, is to learn and to migrate our applications we have in Lightswitch to Cuba, as the programming team has the support Multi Database.

I want to thank ek work done by the entire team of CUBA and from Spain send a big hug and encouragement to make this project a successful project.

And also thank the people of CUBA-HAULMONT that every day I answer my questions in the forum, that is what has inspired me more to work with this tool.

I hope that as I have to have my commercial version for pluguins many people do it too! must support the team to continue working properly.

And I hope that more are believed pluguins interesting, no doubt I’ll buy!