TextField's behaviour inside a PopupButton content

I have a Form element with some TextFields inside a PopupButton content. Those fields are bound to DataContainer’s properties. For some reasons I can’t use EAGER textChangeEventMode on some of those fields, so properties of DataContainer’s item will change only when field will lose focus. I am trying to make a feature to save data when PopupButton is closed by clicking outside of it’s content.

The problem is that when I DO NOT make a clear input (just paste value or delete a part of TextField’s value using “Delete” or “Backspace” button) and close PopupButton (by clicking outside) after that, data is not being saved.
At the same time changes will be saved if I make a clear input (for example if I press “a” button (even if I remove that letter after)). It looks like clear input marks a TextField as dirty so the application will save it’s value before closing PopupButton (actually fires blur event before closing PopupButton), but if user presses only control buttons like Ctrl + V, Delete or Backspace changes won’t be saved.

So, is there any way to force application to save changes in those fields even if there was no clear input?