TextField formatting


I would like to have some formatting possibilities in TextField, I need to display and entry several - mainly - number format, (Currency in multiple money formats, engineering formats like Real numbers with exponent, pressure number in MPa, bar etc). How I can specify those formatting options in the editor screen or controller.java?
The maskedit handles only specific text inputs, but I need to have BigDecimals and double values…


You should create custom datatypes for parsing/formatting string values and use them for entity attributes or in TextFields if the fields are not connected to data model.

See the sample project demonstrating custom datatypes: https://github.com/knstvk/cuba-sample-datatype. An implementation of currency datatype is here.

See also this topic: https://www.cuba-platform.com/discuss/t/formatting-columns-in-gui-table

Thanks, that is exactly what I need.