Text column with numbers imported with +Ex


I use data import addon, it’s great, thank you.

I import a text column with numbers. When size is too big, data is imported with +Ex format.

That’s not what I’m waiting for. Is it normal ? Why ?

Bye, Stef.

I found the reason: addon imports data regardless of column type: call to Apache POI DataFormatter::formatCellValue in ExcelDataConverter.groovy::parse

Hi Stephane,

thanks for reaching out. Glad you liked it and it helps you :slight_smile:

Since you were able to look into the code already, you seems to be already quite deep into the weeds of the addon :+1: .

Would you mind creating a test case in the project, that reproduces your problem? That would be awesome.

Here are some entry points where you can see examples of such test cases:


It seems that Apache POI itself misinterpret my text column (CellType: NUMERIC). It’s not the addon, sorry. :wink:

Apache POI doc is clear:

String cells cannot conatin numbers and numeric cells cannot contain strings (at least according to our model).