Temporary column and load entity for code


I create temporary column in entity and get method like bellow

public BigDecimal getGrossPrice() {
		if (PersistenceHelper.isLoaded(this, "priceitem")) {
			Pricelist price = priceitem.stream().filter(pricelist -> Boolean.TRUE.equals(pricelist.getIsdefault()))
			if (price == null)
				return BigDecimal.ZERO;
				return price.getGrossprice();

		} else
			return BigDecimal.ZERO;

I add column to browse and all is ok. Now I want to get entity from code. I create simple method like this

	public Entity<T> getRowEntitesById(Class copyEntites, Integer id, DataSupplier dataSupplier) {

		LoadContext<?> lc = new LoadContext(copyEntites);
		MetadataTools mdt = new MetadataTools();
		String entity_name = mdt.getEntityName(copyEntites);
		lc.setQueryString("select r from " + entity_name + " r where r.id = :id").setParameter("id", id);
		Entity<T> result = dataSupplier.load(lc);
		return result;

This method returns right entity, but column grossprice is empty. Why this column does’t load ?