Tasks and documents management, accounting for clients and contracts for small organizations

Light solution for those who do not want to buy a Rolls Royce to the garbage to the dump.

One application contains a basic functionality, that is enough for small organizations, which is usually presented in different systems with quite powerful functionality.

The main functions of the system:

  • Maintainance of the official correspondence: registration of documents, creation of “branded” letter according to the template.
  • Management of the tasks with the ability to control execution.
  • A single customer (supplier/partners) data bank.
  • Conducting sales from order to executed contract.
  • Maintainence of contracts and additional agreements with the ability to create a contract file based on a template.
  • Approval of documents.
  • Discussion of documents.
  • Notifications of events in the system by email.

For small organizations where there are no “stable and described business processes” the system requires a minimum of settings. The out-of-the-box solution provides basic settings to avoid frequent errors in official correspondence, contracts, and tasks management.
For customers with broader functional requirements, the system can be used as a basic component in the development of customized solutions.

All the details on the website.
For all questions please contact : info@ecm-soft.ru or via private messages @andrey_vb