Table with variable height?

Is there some easy way to change the height of table depending on the number of rows? Also if another row is added to the table, instead of a scrollbar being showed table height increases (and if there are some other elements under that table they get pushed down a bit)?

Hello, Igor.

The only thing you need to do is to set your table height AUTO

<table height="AUTO">

Hi Daniil, thanks, your solution works (kind of).

I’ve tried setting

before, but then none of the table rows would be shown. When I set it to “AUTO” (uppercase) like in your example it works. Or at least it worked once.

But when I reopen layout XML all my height entries are gone, and if I do any change in XML and resave it again none of the tables will show its rows. So every time I edit XML I have to reenter

to all my tables.

Actually you have to use uppercase variant of the “AUTO” value according to the documentation.

Studio really removes height=“AUTO” from the component descriptor, but it should not. I’ll report about this issue and we’ll fix it.

Thank you!

As I can see in Youtrack Yuriy Artamonov just changed this issue’s state to “not a bug”. But it sure is frustrating to have to fix height after changing some settings in studio.

For example in screenshot with


set “Stavke” part has an exact height to fit all table rows, and the same screen after changing some random property in Studio (in this case I’ve just changed table caption).


part is removed from XML and no rows are being displayed.




I’ve closed this issue, but created a new one in Platform since it is the bug with default values of width and height of Table component. See: The fix will be included to 6.5.0 build

Great, thank you!

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: