Table width in screen fragment

Hi there. I am building a window in which i have two groupBoxes. In the first i load a table and in the second i load a screen fragment. this screen fragment has also a table to which i pass a parameter. after i click on the first table, the second table’s data loads and is displayed.

My problem is this: the groupBoxes are held by a hbox (width 100%) and each groupBox has width of 100%. The table that loads in the screen fragment is also of width 100%. If the first data loaded in the columns contain long lines of text, the table can be scrolled vertically (what i don’t want). If the first data loaded is a short text, the columns are small and remain as such.

I’ve tried setting maxTextLength but it does not work at all.
I saw an example of yours as how to set some kind of word wrap using

but this would not be the approach that i want.

Anyway, the main idea is that i want the table to comply as it was part of the main screen.
There is also another question just like mine in the forum that was not responded to.
Any ideas?
Thank you.


Could you share your screen XML and a screenshot that shows the problem?

<table id="linksTable" dataContainer="linksDc" columnControlVisible="false" settingsEnabled="false"
        <action id="remove" type="remove"/>
        <column id="item_one" caption="Entitate"/>
        <column id="link_type" caption="Tip legatura"/>
        <column id="direction" caption="Directie"/>
        <column id="item_two" caption="Entitate"/>
        <column id="document" caption="Document"/>
    <buttonsPanel id="buttonsPanel">
        <button id="createButton" action="linksTable.create" caption="Adauga" icon="ADD_ACTION" enable="false"/>
        <button id="editButton" action="linksTable.edit" caption="Editeaza" icon="EDIT_ACTION" enable="false"/>
        <button id="removeButton" action="linksTable.remove" caption="Sterge" icon="REMOVE_ACTION"


You can explicitly set width for columns:

<table id="linksTable" dataContainer="linksDc" width="100%">
        <column id="item_one" caption="Entitate"/>
        <column id="item_two" caption="Entitate" width="300px"/>

In this case Table will not try to adjust column width by content.