Table view based on lookup field for selected entity

Hi all,
I am new to Cuba and so far I am very satisfied with all the features. Thank you so much for the amazing platform.
I am working currently on a simple application based on mysql database. The database (“network”) has two tables (“network_1” and “network_2”) and I have browse and edit screens for the entities and everything seems to work fine.

What I have in mind now is just to have a lookup field in the application(browse screen) showing “network_1” and “network_2” and the table view should set based on the selection.
If I select “network_1” then all the related columns will show up in the browse screen and vice versa fir “network_2”.
The best case scenario is both “network_1” and “network_2” have identical columns.

how should I achieve this? any suggestions for the approach?


Have a nice weekend


i’m not really sure if i understand you correctly. Is the UI screen of the “entity inspector” what you want to achieve?

You can open it via “Administration > Entity inspector” through the running app. In this screen you have a drop down where you can select an entity and after selecting the table with the attributes will open up.