Table Tree bug when number of level is 5 or more


I loaded a big Hierarchy table to try the tree table and I found that if I have more than 4 level, then level 5 and above are creating individual lines (like if they where not part of a hierarchy table) while there are also part of one hierarchy (having parents).
Is it a bug or a normal behavior with a specific setup.
Thanks for helping.



Thank you for reporting the problem.

Which view do you use for the hierarchical datasource? The issue occurs when “parent” of a “parent” is loaded.

Assumably you have something similar in your project. To solve the issue disable the second parent (red on the screen shot).
See the linked YouTrack issue for more details.



Thanks for the feedback. I found this issue and I finally got it to work but I also had to play with the select statement to get items in a certain order. Otherwise, it does not work as said.
Second issue is that If i want to sort on any column in the tree table, then the tree view is completely jeopardized.
Last issue, as I have more than 10000 data in the tree view, first page in the tree table display correctly but if I click to go to the second one, then tree table is not working correctly anymore.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: