Table shows line although it is indicated otherwise

I have a table that within its style is indicated to show neither vertical nor horizontal lines, nor its header, but what it does is that it shows a horizontal line depending on the number of records. Is there any way that can correct that detail? Is it a possible bug?

<vbox width="100%" expand="mccDoctorUserTable" height="100%">
                            <table id="mccDoctorUserTable" dataContainer="doctorUserDc" editable="true"
                                   stylename="no-vertical-lines no-stripes no-header no-horizontal-lines"
                                   width="100%" columnHeaderVisible="false" columnControlVisible="false"
                                   contextMenuEnabled="false" reorderingAllowed="false" settingsEnabled="false"
                                    <column id="selected" editable="true" align="CENTER"/>
                                    <column id="user" editable="false"/>



Nelson F.

So, cann’t hide all lines of a table?

Hello @nelsonflorez

To hide this border you should extend the default theme.

Then add custom stylename for table:

<table stylename="... no-border>

And add the following rule in the hover-ext.scss file: .v-table-table {
  box-shadow: none;