Table pagination icons mis-aligned on Web app table page

Hi there,

My web client table with more than one page .The pagination icons at top right corner, the arrows inside the icon, right arrow is shifted to the right while left arrow is shifted to the left as shown in the attachment.

I tested it is the same issue with latest Chrome, IE Edge and firebox.


top right corner pagination icons arrow are mis-aligned


What version of the platform do you use? Do you use zoom mode in a browser or in OS ?

Hi Yuriy,

I am using platform-6.5.5.

The browser is Chrome Version 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit) (up to date) without zooming (please see the snapshot attached).

I have been seeing this for quite long (over 6 months).

Thank you,

top right corner pagination icons arrow are mis-aligned-noZoom

Did you customize your visual theme / CSS ? Could yo try to update your application to the latest 6.5 build - 6.5.7 ?

I will rebuild with latest 6.5.7.

I did added the customized file:

Should I just delete this file to know if my customization cause this problem?

Thanks Yuriy,

You can simply comment @include statement in styles.scss file to disable your variables or use block comments /**/ in the file