Table Link with association throws Exception


i want to use the link functionality of the table in order to link to a association of an association of the Entity that holds the browser.
Example: LineItem N:1 Product N:1 ProductCategory
Now i want to show the product category in the LineItem table as a column (which worked). What didn’t work is that i select link. I get an exception as shown in the example attached (IllegalArgumentException: Can’t find getter for property ‘product.category’).

Additionally i attached the example project that shows the problem. I saw that i could probably do this by hand via linkInvoke or something but i would say that this should work out of the box. Is this a valid concern?

Have a nice day,
Patrick (92.8K)


Thank you for reporting the problem. It will be fixed in the next platform release.

The Issue is fixed in the Platform version 6.2.0.