Table displaying no data unless search result is within selected rows per page

When I search for a table item that is not listed in the current number of rows available (I’ll call that a page), the table displays nothing until I shift “pages” to display the row that contains the data.

Is there a setting that will make the table automatically shift to display the data without moving through “pages” of rows?

filter rows display

I should add that I’m not using the regular query-building filter. I’m using SQL calls to the database and then refreshing the table and data source like this:

String query “… an SQL query…”;

itemsDs.setQuery(query, itemsDs.getQueryFilter());

There’s also a problem with sorting. When I use the built-in sorting feature at the top of the table, not all data is sorted, just the data on the current “page” of rows. This doesn’t always happen, but here and there a record or two doesn’t get sorted correctly if I proceed to a following “page” of rows.

  1. What do you mean by “searching”?

  2. If the table contents does not fit in one page, the datasource issues a new select to the database with appropriate order by clause. Could you monitor app.log and find out if the select statement is correct after you apply a new sort order? In order to see SQL statements, switch the eclipselink.sql logger to DEBUG.

EDIT: I meant JPQL, not SQL.

Thanks for the quick response.

  1. By “searching” I mean applying filters to limit the number of rows that display.
    I’m working on no. 2

In the meantime, is there a way to force a return to the first “page” of rows or the first row.


In the normal situation paging is always adjusted to the number of rows actually present in the table. See screenshots attached. So, in order to help you, we need additional information.



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We create a custom search,and when not on the first page, for example, when we query on the last page, the data we query is not displayed on the page and must be manually skipped to the first page.
The query results are automatically displayed on the first page, as are the custom queries, as well as the framework’s own queries.

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Hello guys,

i have the exact same issue. is there a solution for it ? I mean for the following issue:

  1. User opens the browse window
  2. navigates to the for example third page
  3. User uses a filter (browse controller changes the sql of the datasource .setquery() and calls a .refresh())
  4. the remaining say 4 records the modified query gives back are shown on the first page, but the table is still on the third page.
  5. the user has to navigate two pages back, in order to see any data.

how can we solve this issue? is there any reload function for the table itself ? i mean after the query got changed and the .refresh() on the datasource got called, there are for example only 4 records. so a paging then wouldn’t make any sense, becaue we only have 4 records left (with the new query).

would be great if someone has solved this issue or at least knows a workaround for this,


Hi guys,
Sorry for missing this question.

When refreshing a data loader / datasource after changing its query or parameters, first set its page number to 0:




Otherwise the loader may load data with an offset which was last set by the user, and effectively return no rows.

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Thanks for the feedback, this solved the issue for me.

Best Regards