table cell listener

can anyone guide me how to work with table cell value change listener with an example?

Please explain your problem in details.

I am preparing a table containing receipts and payments amount from different customers. say the columns are as follows:

-Customer Name

  • received Amount

If the user enters amount in the cell receivedAmount and presses tab, the cursor will move automatically to Notes by skipping the field( or fields) by putting 0 e.g. paidAmount. On the other hand, If the user enters any amount in paidAmount field even after updating the receivedAmount field, it will erase the recerivedAmount and keep issue Amount. How is it possible?

Another example:

Use datasource listeners for this.
Inject your datasource into the screen controller and add an ItemPropertyChangeListener via the addItemPropertyChangeListener() method. The method will be invoked whenever a user changes values of entity attributes.

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Thanks. Is there any method to change the focus to another cell? In the above example, when I have entered value to column “ReceivedAmount”, i want the cursor will jump onto column “Notes” by skipping column “PaidAmount”, Is it possible?

for now moving cursor from one table cell to another is not supported due to lazy rendering of Table cells. We plan to investigate this problem later.