Tab out from textField clears out the input

I have a few text fields on my web page. After I tab out from this field, the text I input in it goes away (the text field blanks out).

For example, after I input “SomeName” in the textField below, it clears this out as soon as I use tab to move to next control.

Please advise.


Could you attach fields definition (XML and/or java controller)? Such behavior is usually caused by datatype parsing, for instance, if you input text to the number field.

XML for CUBA Support.xml (1.1 KB)

I understand the behaviour in case invalid input is keyed in.
However, moving to next control using mouse doesn’t clear out the fields.

It seems that you didn’t assign an entity to your datasource. In case of using datasource with fields, the datasource should contain an entity to edit.

Take a look at this sample and its file.

Thanks Gleb :slight_smile:

It worked.