Supporting Existing Application Without License

Hello all,
I was licensed to develop a new Cuba application but with the pricing changes I’ve let my license expire. I need to make a few tweaks to the application which I can do “manually” and I’m wondering if I can still use studio to compile, build and deploy the application as usual. I know I can probably use gradle etc. but I’d like to keep things simple and easy(!). Also I can get any future platform updates installed easily, which leads me on to ask if I should be considering migrating to Jmix? Would I be able to migrate my Cuba app to Jmix using the new Jmix Studio without a license and continue supporting my app semi-manually?
Many thanks in advance for any guidance.


For sure you can use free CUBA Studio for building and deploying applications. You will just have no visual designers available.
Migration to Jmix using Studio also doesn’t require subscription. But please note that Jmix Studio comparing to CUBA Studio has no database migration scripts generation in free version.
Detailed description of such migration you can read in Jmix docs. So you can consider if it is valid option for your project.


Alexander, thank you so much for such a complete answer. It is good news too that I can provide very basic support for now. For now I will not migrate to Jmix, but maybe one day…
Thank you again