support M:N association in FieldGroup via TokenList in Popup


i was thinking about the possibility to display a M:N relationship in an editor in a “smaller” way.
Here’s an example: Customer <----M:N—> Tag

Normally, studio generates a Table for this kind of association where i can “add” and “remove” elements from the selection.
But this table normally takes a lot of space in the editor, so i was thinking about other ways to display these data. The next thing that came to my mind is a TokenList, which is a little bit better. But the problem here is that i does not fit very well into he layout of the Field Group by default.

So here’s the idea: Would it be possible, that in case of a “M:N” association the UI components gets used that can be created when defining a filter for a list of parameters (see attached screenshot)?

I attached an example project that does exactly that. In the customer browser i created a default filter that shows the UI component i was thinking of.


tags-UI-component (105.6K)

Hi Mario,

I think that’s a good idea, but we need to discuss it internally - may be we’ll find a better solution. Anyway, the problem is clear, and we’ll try to solve it somehow.

Hi Konstantin,

a “better solution” sounds always good :D. I’m looking forward to it!