Support for Enums with more than 1 value fields

I would like to be able to make enums like following using Studio:

public enum States {
    MASSACHUSETTS("Massachusetts",  "MA",   true),
    MICHIGAN     ("Michigan",       "MI",   false),
    ...; // all 50 of those

    private final String full;
    private final String abbr;
    private final boolean originalColony;

    private States(String full, String abbr, boolean originalColony) {
        this.full = full;
        this.abbr = abbr;
        this.originalColony = originalColony;

    public String getFullName() {
        return full;

    public String getAbbreviatedName() {
        return abbr;

    public boolean isOriginalColony(){
        return originalColony;

Currently even if I make an enum using Studio and later add fields using IDE, Studio gets confused. As in, it will show the enum in data models, will allow you to add more fields but that won’t reflect in code

That’s interesting. I’ve created an issue:

BTW, what should be shown in UI at runtime for such enums? Probably we will need something like @NamePattern?