SuggestionPickerField with newOptionHandler

Hi all…

In order to streamline data entry, I am trying to implement a component similar to a SuggestionField that has an action to open an editor for adding a new entity, with a field defaulted to the current search text on the SuggestionField.

For example, one types the name of a company in the field and if none of the suggestions apply, user wants to immediately proceed to create a record for that company. At present, opening the picker/browse dialog, and then going from there to a Create/editor dialog, and then back to the browse to select the newly added entity, and then return to the original picker field on the main form is VERY cumbersome.

I cannot see any way to add the equivalent of the lookup component’s NewOptionHandler to the suggestionPickerField, ideally that is passed the current search text. Is there a way with the existing components, or does it need to be extended?