Suggestion : more support of screen composition by Studio


Follow-up of the SO question.

Going the frame composition road when designing e.g an editor screen means that you have to :

  • create frames mapped to sets of fields (i.e views) of some entities, and edit frame code as described in SO question
  • create a blank editor screen and inject frames
  • edit screen code to define item for each frames (see SO question)

I suggest adding in Studio two screen templates :

  • ‘blank frame’ to create a blank frame just for the sake of completeness of what you can do with Studio (should be already there in fact)
  • ‘entity frame’ to create frame mapped to an entity ds

The first one would be accessible from ‘new screen’ in ‘generic UI’ tab. Strangely you cannot create a frame directly in Studio today : you need to create a blank screen and then change the controller type to AbstractFrame.

The second would support the screen composition use case by creating a form frame similar to the editor (mapping fields of the view) but without window actions.

Additionaly, when you inject a frame mapped to an entity A in an editor screen mapped to entity B, where B extends A, Studio could propose to establish the item link between the frame and the screen, by generating the code as described in the SO question.

Using frames to compose screens is common case, especially when there are inheritance relationships, Studio could propose a bit more on that matter IMHO.



Thank you for reminding us about frames. We have really missed a template for a frame when created the set of templates in the latest Studio. Not sure about automatic code generation on using entity frames, but we’ll certainly add the templates that you suggested.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: