Suggestion : more on entity inheritance in documentation

It would be nice to have a bit more documentation on how the platform is handling inheritance between entities. I know that most of information can be found about JPA, but there are still some specifics of CUBA that could benefit some info, e.g : it is not clear when CUBA creates automatically a discriminator value DTYPE.
Additionnaly, when changing from single table inheritance to joined inheritance, studio informs the user that he has to define manually @Table and @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn(name, referencedColumnName) in children entities. Yet, studio can fill this information easily as table names are generally auto generated, and name and referencedColumnName will be usually simply ‘ID’. At least it could propose to do so.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your suggestions! We will continue working on the documentation right after the September release, and any information on what should be improved is helpful.

About DTYPE field: it is required for inheritance of any type, so Studio creates it automatically as soon as it detects one.

Regarding changing inheritance type in Studio, you are right - the changes in the child entities can be done automatically. We will implement this in a future release.