Suggestion : in studio display entity columns when selecting it

In studio while building a domain model getting more and more complex, I often switch back and forth between entities to see their attributes.
In order to do that I have to clic ‘edit’ each time on the entity I select on the left (double clic timing is weird).
It would be nice that when clicking on an entity on the left pane, one could see the list of fields on the right pane, in read-only mode.
By extension such things would benefit for every items on the left panel.

I would add to your suggestion, to simply edit the attributes, and set in same line of name of the attribute the type of attribute.

For example, if you have entity customer, and some attributes, possibility to chanfe a Type from String to Boolean, directly in list of attributes, and if this is mandatory or not.

For me es more simple to See:

name, Type(editable), column, Mandatory, Unique, Lengt in same Line, and then if i like to change more advanced config, we open the line.

That’s an interesting idea. The problem is that opening a page in the working area removes an existing page (e.g. a screen designer), which can be inconvenient. So probably such read-only information should be displayed in some kind of pop-up or overlay panel. We’ll try to design such feature.

I don’t think that an editable table for attributes will be much better than current approach with the form on the right panel. Now you just select a row and all attribute properties are available for editing. I’m afraid, editing of the same property in two places can be confusing.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: