Successfully deployed to jelastic but the page is empty


I am using Cuba Studio version 6.6. I would like to test the deployment and the database connectivity with Jelastic cloud before going in depth further with cuba platform. For the database I picked the postgresql.

I am very new to tomcat and cuba. I have been following the documentation and quick tutorial but it
seems either I miss something due to I am a beginner or the documents not showing enough details considering
the information is quite obvious to those who got more experience with tomcat environment.

I selected the deploy to cloud. The studio generated the WAR file succesfully and upload it automatically to jelastic.
However, my concern is since I got a blank page.
I did created the database early on using pgAdmin with the same database name as in my localhost and putting
the correct information regarding the database before deploying to the cloud by putting the database name and the path as it is given by jelastic.

Could anyone please show me what to expect? Is there a video that shows this step by step.

Application start takes some time and if you open UI before it is ready the blank screen might be shown. Wait a couple of minutes and refresh the page.

If the problem persists there could be many possible reasons for it. So could you bring more details?

  1. How many cloudlets have you given to Tomcat and Postgres nodes?
  2. Which application do you deploy?
  3. To which context (ROOT or custom named) do you deploy the WAR?
  4. Do you run several CUBA applications in several contexts of a single environment?

Open Jelastic administrative panel. You can find the link in the email which the Cloud provider sent you during the registration. Log in. Find the Environment and the context. Try to open it in web-browser by pressing the icon on the screenshot. There is an issue in Studio 6.7: the link to cloud environment might be generated incorrectly.

Also, check tomcat logs. As usual, errors are logged in catalina- or localhost- logs. You can download any files from Cloud using the Jelastic adminisrtative panel. Share the logs here if there are any errors - we will take a look.


Hi Rostislav,

Thank you for replying to my email and helping out this newbie.
I really appreciate it.

Please see the log from the tomcat. It says it has some Exception at Java Null Pointer and some other regarding Eclipse.

Thanks in advance.


tomcatLogNov17.txt (10.4 KB)

It seems you are using Java 9 in your environment. Java 9 is not supported by CUBA platform yet. Change the JDK version to 1.8 and the application should work.


Actually, I am using JDK 1.8 151.
When I checked from the command prompt with command java --version, it is also 1.8.151
Does it need to be specifically build 144?
Thank you
35 PM

As I see on your screenshot, you use JDK 1.8 on the local machine. But the error occurs in Cloud.
Open Jelastic administrative panel and check which Java is selected there(see my screenshot above).

Hi Rostislav,

Thank you for the advice. It turns out that my environment is set to JDK 1.8.131.
I changed it as your advice to JDK 1.8.144 and it works like a charm.
I have been stuck with this for more than a week.

Thank you for the helps. I really appreciate it.