styling of readonly fields for halo theme


i wanted to use the valo theme variable: $v-textfield-background-color–readonly in order to change the background-color of it.
Unfortunately i does not seem to get picked up. As another example i used $v-border-radius right next to it, which worked very well.

Is this variable not used form CUBA?

Attached you’ll find an example project.

Mario (82.1K)


It seems that it is an issue in valo. If you just open _textfield.scss in your IDE you will see that $v-textfield-background-color–readonly variable does not have !default mark, so it is impossible to redefine this variable in a theme extension. We will fix it in our fork of Vaadin and I will file this issue to the Vaadin bug tracker.

Hi Yuriy,

thanks, that sounds great. For now i just editied the css classes directly in “styles.scss” - so this work as well for now.


Hi. The problem is fixed in the platform 6.3.0.