stylename="borderless" acting strangely

I’ve got an expanded GroupBox around another GroupBox that’s visibility is based on the type of file that is being displayed. I’d like the outer Group box (or the inner GroupBox) to display no border. When I try mainBox.setStyleName(HaloTheme.GROUPBOX_PANEL_BORDERLESS); in the java file or stylename=“borderless” in the xml file. I get a weird output as displayed in the link.

If I try mainBox.setBorderVisible(false); in the java code I get “UnsupportedOperationException”

borderless problem

For now I found a solution by just making the outer box an Hbox. It looks great. Weird though, that that feature isn’t working for me. Oh well.


the main reason of this “weird” output is that according to the HaloTheme.GROUPBOX_PANEL_BORDERLESS’s javadoc this style should be used with enabled property “showAsPanel”.