Studio - View Structure UI : keep folded/unfolded status of related entities or display folded by default


When you open view structure UI, each time you click on a view on the left, the details on right exposes the view structure with all related entities view structure unfolded by default. Which makes tons of lines to scroll on big entities.

So when I’m looking for a precise field, I have to fold everything by clicking all related entities one by one. And if I click otherwhere and come back, I need to start again.

In a big project, big entities are common. It would be very time-saving either to remember in the UI the folded/unfolded status of each and every related entity, or simply display them folded by default.

Of course it is always possible to edit the xml directly, but having a UI is neat.


There are “Collapse All” and “Expand All” buttons on the top. So you can fold/unfold the whole tree with one click.


Great I need to change my glasses :slight_smile:

Thanks Konstantin