Studio UI problem with Chrome

Discovered an issue using Chrome with Studio (Server v 2.2.3) whereby the tabs/section (entities, screens, services, other etc.) do not open up when clicked. Cleared cache; restarted Chrome; restarted Server and Studio - no effect. Makes Studio unusable under Chrome.

Works fine with Safari - so I have a workaround - but I can’t establish what the issue is when using Chrome.

Screenshot shows how the menu item changes when clicked in Chrome - the pane does not open up as expected but a dark line appears below the menu item (like it is attempting to open up the pane but fails)

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.11.16

What is the Chrome version?

Version 52.0.2743.116 (64bit) on Mac OSX 10.11.6

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the issue.
Please try do disable Chrome add-ons if any.

Thanks Konstantin. I will work with Safari for now - appreciate you checking it out. More detailed info below in case it is useful.

All extensions disable, did a full cache-clear and machine restart. Problem remains.
It is progressive - that is, when I first open a Studio project and click on Project properties, I can see and edit the properties. All OK.
I can then click on Entities and no problem. I click on Screens and the problem re-asserts itself.
When I close the project and re-open it, it fails to open any of the menu items, including Project Properties (i.e. the problem appears straight away).

Well, we’ve tested at least 2 Macs with the same version of Chrome, not to mention lots of Windows and Linux. Nobody experience anything similar.
Some time ago there were problems with the performance on some specific version of Chrome, but they gone after Chrome update.

Thanks for the effort here Konstantin. Clearly its an environmental thing with my machine - I’ll raise it with the Chrome team as obviously not a CUBA issue - let’s close it.