Studio support for groovy based Entity Listeners


there is a problem with entity listeners that are developed in groovy. Generally when an entity listener is created via studio it creates a java file. When i change that (because i really don’t like java that much :slight_smile: ) to groovy, everything will work as expected in the development as well as the running application.
But unfortunately studio is no longer capable of showing the entity listener in the corresponding section of the UI.

Attached you’ll find a sample project that illustrates the behavior.

Perhaps you might want to take a look at it - thanks!

Mario (30.7K)

Will do, see the linked issue.

Thanks for reporting!

Hi Konstantin,

thanks for the quick reply. Sounds great. Will the solution look like the generated class is a java class and after a manual rename of the file extension, studio will recognize it after that? Or will there be another question from studio which allows me to choose between groovy and java entity listeners? Or will there be a setting for what is the preferred file extension that will work for all artifact types?


I think it should work the same as for screen controllers and services: if Groovy support is on for the project, you will have an option in Entity Listener editor to select either Groovy or Java.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: