Studio (small) improvement : create new entity/enum in currently selected package

We have several dozens of entities so they are organized in subpackages under .entity..

When you Create New Entity or Enum from Studio it will always propose .entity as default value for package, even if on the left side you have an entity selected in a subpackage. Would be nice if subpackage was proposed by default.

Not a big deal but when you chain-create entities this can make a difference, because if you forget to put the subpackage you earned a refactoring roundtrip in IDE.


Hi, Michael

Thanks for your feedback!

Youtrack issue has been created. See

By the way, when you create new Entity or Enum by pressing New button on the left panel, selected package will be set as default.

Thanks Aleksander.

Yes I saw that but when a new entity is created Studio moves the selection to it, so one would have to navigate each time to package before creating another one.