Studio server takes longer to stop than start itself. Restart button just stops it.

Facing following issues with server start/stop/restart in studio 6.6.1 with platform 6.6.3 running on macOs High Sierra developer beta 10.

  1. Stopping server takes very long time, around 50-60 seconds which is more than what it takes to start. To speed up development I have started using command kill -9 $(pgrep -f tomcat) which kills the server immediately. Thing is I have not noticed any problem because of killing server instead of gracefully stopping it. Not sure if its safe?

  2. Restart button never actually is restarting server. It just stops the server. I have to press start again manually.

Let me know what all logs/data I can provide that can help with debugging.


could you, please, check this problem in macOS Sierra?


My colleague is using Sierra so I tested on his system. The server taking long to stop problem is there.

Regarding the restart problem, I noticed that sometimes it was restarting and sometimes just stopping so its inconsistent on Sierra.

For the slow time to stop, I suspect one of the following. Let me test by disabling them 1 by 1.

  1. Scheduler responsible for running jobs I configured in ‘Scheduled tasks’
  2. We are using JMS listener to process SQS queues (although message count never exceeds 10 at any given moment)


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