Studio screen generation takes over package structure of Entity


i’ve a little idea about the “create standard screens” dialog in Studio. Would it be possible if an Entity (say “Customer”) has either of the following package structures (where is the project base package):


that when i click the button “create standard screens” that in the package text field for the screen definitions this additional package “reference” is also used? Currently it will just preallocate “”. Instead “” would be great.

Additionally it would be great if it would be possible in studio to get a configuration option that studio will put the layer packages in place or not (the sub package for “web” or “core”).


Hi Mario,

We thought about it because we had similar complaints about default packages. We would like to avoid explicit options, and instead, try to analyze the last entered package by matching patterns {root_package}, {entity_name}, etc., and offer the same structure next time.

Hi Konstantin,

i’m not really sure what you mean by “explicit options”.

When you use the package you last entered, you mean, that when creating screen for CustomerType which is in “” and enter the package “” and then create a Customer screen for the Customer class which is in “”, then the screen generation method will suggest “” because i entered it the last time?

I think i just don’t really get what you meant. Generally the problem only occurs when the user does not want to use the default structure by layer and type that CUBA and studio uses but instead a package structure by feature, right? Would it make sense to distinguish between these two approaches from a studio point of view?


Hi Mario,

In the Studio version 6.4 the screen generation was improved:

  1. “Default parent package name for screens” and “Repeat entity parent package for screens” settings were added. You can find them in Help->Settings. Context help on the right contains description of how they work.

  2. The “Package name” field now has picker action, so adjustment of the package for the generated screen should be more pleasant.

:ticket: See the following issue in our bug tracker: