Studio release 11.0 is out

Hi everyone,

A few days ago we have released a new version of the CUBA Studio - 11.0.
Release notes are available on the CUBA platform web site.

Notable changes include:

Integration with Add-ons Marketplace

Enriching your project with add-ons provided by the CUBA team and community members has become easier. We have added an “Add-ons” window which is available from the main menu or CUBA project tree. Browse Marketplace and install an add-on you’re interested in one minute, without leaving your IDE.

Entity Designer implemented with IntelliJ UI components

We have re-implemented one of the most used components of the Studio - Entity Designer - with native IntelliJ UI components. It helped us to improve designer responsiveness, usability and to deeply integrate the designer with smart IntelliJ functionality. All changes done to the entity and its attributes are instantly committed into the source code. Deletion and renaming of the entity and its attributes launches safe refactoring process, so you become informed about the impact of your changes on the source code base of your project.

Support for more database types

  • MariaDB and Amazon RedShift are now supported as a data store.
  • HSQLDB can now be attached as an additional in-memory data store.

Scaffolding and coding assistance improvements

We continue to improve the IDE capabilities to help developers write their code quickly.

  • Bean injection is now available as a quick fix in the context of Spring components.
  • Entity designer automatically detects suitable attributes and creates @NamePattern annotation for new entities.
  • Top actions panel in the entity source code editor now allows to quickly add new attributes or generate entity change listeners.
  • Studio checks and allows to quickly create missing localized messages referenced from Java source code.

You can download CUBA Studio 11.0 here
or if you use the plugin - update the plugin right from your IDE.

We are looking forward to your feedback!


Hello everyone,

We have just published a new Studio maintenance release - 11.1.
This release primarily focuses on the following:

  • Compatibility with IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2
  • Support changes made in upcoming CUBA release 7.1
  • Various bug fixes

Full of resolved tickets:

P.S. The problem with Mac OS X and IDEA 2019.2 hasn’t been resolved yet: . We recommend Mac users to stay on IDEA 2019.1.

Hello everyone,
A new Studio maintenance release - 11.2 - has been published.

It contains several important bug fixes:

We have also made a few performance and logging improvements for Hot Deploy functionality.

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