Studio not persisting changes to component properties

Since upgrading Studio to version 6.7.3, and continuing to version 6.7.5, I’ve had consistent problems with Studio not persisting changes I make to a component’s properties. This problem most notably appears when making changes to the margin and style properties. I’ve found that I can make around 2 to 3 edits before any further changes are discarded.

My present workaround, which is to make only 2 edits – click ok to exit the layout and then return, is largely inefficient and driving me crazy.
To be more specific as to the symptoms of the problem – take a button group for example.
Start with three buttons – create, edit and delete.
I click on the first button, find the style property and set the style to ‘small’. I repeat the same process for each of the two remaining buttons.

In most cases, if I change focus to another component and then back to each of the three buttons I find the style is only set on the first two buttons and not the third button. The only way I found to set the style is to exit the layout (click ‘ok’, ‘apply’ does not work), returning and then re-keying the style. I thought perhaps it was my browser or one of the installed extensions – running latest Chrome on macOS 10.13.1. So I did a clean install of the latest version of Firefox with no extensions and had the same results. There are no visible errors or other indicating factors of a problem.
One additional note, for those components with a margin property the problem is evident when the component canvas does not react to the margin changes. I discovered recently if I check to enable margins then uncheck and then check again the margins seem to magically work. Any help resolving this problem is greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for reporting the problem. We have created a YouTrack issue

Awesome. In the meantime this could be an opportunity to become more proficient doing my layouts directly in XML. Thanks for the quick response.

Just a FYI. As I continue to use the designer I’m finding more and more properties with the same symptom – so definitely not limited to only the style property. My list now includes icon, caption and margins.

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Having a very similar issue with Studio