Studio : fieldgroup edition could (should !) be enhanced


When you work on a lot of fields the fieldgroup edit screen is clearly not practical :

  • cannot remove a line with keyboard (suppr key not bound)
  • dragging a field to another column can be impossible because the list of fields does not scroll when you drag
  • cannot use cut & paste like in the component tree of the editor
  • new field always at the bottom, cannot insert in list, moving it up in a long list is a pain
  • when you select several fields and drag-drop them only one comes

And in editor :

  • if fieldgroup height is too much the editor does not allow scroll
  • also : why in grid properties there is so much distance between columns and rows fields ?
  • we should be able to suppr a grid row and the ‘rows’ property is then decremented

In fact, for the visual organisation of fields in a field group, I would suggest to stick to the editor look and feel : be able to change field place in the group by drag and drop in the editor, be able to drag field into another column, etc. Would be much much more useful.

When one work on long list of fields, one could expect all of these. Currently in such case we go to IDE. It’s a shame to have a (nearish) wysiwyg editor and revert to writing xml or code for GUI.


Thanks for the suggestions. Created an issue: