Studio edit screen generation : allow to choose field group or grid of components


When Studio generates an editor screen, it should propose the choice between putting entity fields in a field group or in a set of label+field in a grid as the main form frame.

Especially when it already knows how to manipulate such structure : when you add a field to an entity, and there are screens affected, Studio is able to add a label+field at the bottow of the grid.

In addition, the field name should be generated meaningfully : e.g customerNameField for Name of Customer instead of “textField”, this will later ease injection in the Editor screen.

In addition, @Named annotation should be able to inject by property name, e.g @Named(“”) deduced from Name field of Customer entity.

With that you have a generated form that is developer-friendly, and can be very easily customized right away in the WYSIWYG editor. No FieldGroup needed anymore.