Studio Drop script generation

I have some tables with namespace prefix what have not corresponding entity. Can I exclude it from studio schema check? Now, on every DB script generation I exclude drop scripts for this tables. But on next check studio ask me to drop this tables again.

I see Generate Model cause database to drop tables - CUBA.Platform topic, but in version 7.2 behavior of Studio is same.

Hi @SergeySid,

I’m afraid it is not possible. If you have other tables with the same prefix as your namespace, maybe you should change your namespace, or use a different database schema/owner (and map it as an additional datastore).


I tried with CUBA Studio 13.3 and I could not reproduce the problem.
I’ve created the table with the same table name prefix as other project’s tables (“playground_xxx”)
Then run “Generate Database Scripts”.
Studio has created two update scripts: one to rename the table and second to drop it.
I marked both scripts as “Excluded”:
After that Studio started to ignore that table, and “Generate Database Scripts” action doesn’t suggest any more drop scripts.