Studio 6.4 gradle deadlock when importing components

Steps to reproduce :

  • create a blank project in studio
  • add components fts, reports, charts
  • studio begins to build and then get stuck on graddle (see log below)
    NB : sometimes there are two lines “Connecting from tooling API consumer version 3.1” in the log, sometimes only one

    2017-02-21 14:14:00,231 INFO  [hsqldb.db.HSQLDB5A60CEA694.ENGINE] checkpointClose end
    2017-02-21 14:14:00,235 INFO  [hsqldb.db.HSQLDB5A60CEA694.ENGINE] Checkpoint end
    2017-02-21 14:14:18,076 DEBUG [org.gradle.tooling.GradleConnector] Connecting from tooling API consumer version 3.1
    2017-02-21 14:14:32,350 DEBUG [org.gradle.tooling.GradleConnector] Connecting from tooling API consumer version 3.1


Are you sure the problem is in Gradle?
Which web browser do you use? Try to refresh the page (press F5).

There is also and ability to use custom Gradle installation with Studio. Path to it might be adjusted in advanced Studio settings. Use 3.1 or higher.


Tried to refresh the page, using chrome.

I clearly do not want to use a different gradle version than studio one, I could have discrepencies between idea compilation and studio compilation at some point.

I’m quite sure there is something about gradle wrapper in studio 6.4 (see my other thread).

6.4.1 does not generate gradle wrapper anymore but there is a workaround. This particular issue was with 6.4.0 and I dropped it for 6.4.1. If issue happens again I’ll report it.