Studio-6.10.1.AppImage does not install

I am using a DietPi distribution (debian jessie) and would like to install the app Cuba Studio ( studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage but this does not work.

This is the error message:
root@DietPi:/bin# sudo chmod u+x studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage
root@DietPi:/bin# ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage
-bash: ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error
root@DietPi:/bin# sudo ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage
./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage: 1: ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage: Syntax error: “)” unexpected
root@DietPi:/bin# sudo ./studio-se-6.10.1.AppImage

Any help would be appreciated.


We test the Linux installer only on the latest Ubuntu LTS (18.04 at the moment) and unfortunately cannot be sure it works on all flavors of Linux.
If you have any trouble with the installer, try to use ZIP archive which is provided for Studio Browser Edition (see the second button on the downloads page). Just unpack the archive, open bin folder in terminal and run ./studio.


Hi Konstantin,
Thank you for your reply which I just saw.
I followed up on your advice and received the error message:
./studio: command not found
Any other ideas?
Thanks, Wil

Are you sure you are executing the command in the bin directory?

Hi Konstantin,
Here’s my late reply:
There are in fact two bin folders. One contains cuba-cli
I tried to go into that folder and type in terminal cuba-cli without result.
Please advise.
Thank you.

Hi Wil,

If you are talking about CLI now, you should set its /bin folder in PATH, or navigate to this folder and run ./cuba-cli

But I would recommend you to download Studio Standalone IDE version 7 from here: and check out instructions in the user guide.

Hi Kosntantin,
Thank you for your reply!
If I would install Studio Standalone IDE version 7 would I then also be needing a desktop client in order to be able to initially setup CUBA ?
I am not using a desktop client at the moment on the Debian based server.
Regards, Wil

Not sure I understand what desktop client you mean.
Please see the Studio User Guide for how to install and use Studio.