Studio 13 BETA published

I could not reproduce the problem yesterday.
Probably I don’t understand what is “2nd composition”. Are you using child collectionContainer for this table?

I have reproduced and created this bug:

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I mean child composition I.e. composition of composition.

Hello everyone,
We have published the 13.0.BETA3 version of the CUBA Studio.
It contains many bug fixes and latest changes to support CUBA 7.2.

You will automatically receive the update if you’re on the beta plugins channel.


Table columns constantly disappear in the editor, leaving a blank table.

Thank you for your feedback, but I’m afraid I don’t understand you.
Are you using latest BETA3 release? Can you please describe the problem in more detail?
Is the problem occuring in layout preview panel?

Sorry about that. That wasn’t a very good description.

When I’m working on a group table, the layout just shows a blank grey area, even though the tree shows the columns I’ve added.

But it seems to have been fixed in Beta3. If it happens again, I’ll remember to attach a screenshot.

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