Streaming video live

Hi, I would streaming video live from camera in my local lan into my cuba application.
It’s possible?
thanks in advance

Hi Francesco,
this is not specific to CUBA, and I don’t think any of the major web frameworks I’ve used so far integrates a feature like that (and I used many :wink: ).

You need to search for general solutions applied to web applications, and also it depends largely on your requirements/constraints.

For example, is this something that does not need any back-end data/service? If that’s so, you can search for client only solutions, that run inside the browser and use standard or custom protocols to work.

Streaming is not an easy topic, and if you’re not an expert on this topic, I suggest start reading about the available protocols, and after that some ready made product/library: Streaming Protocol Comparison: RTMP, WebRTC, FTL, SRT – Restream Blog

Anyway your best bet is around the WebRTC protocol, most of the recent products/libraries I’ve seen lately are based on it, because it’s supported OOB in all the evergreen browsers in use today.
For starter, take a look at this article: Build a Webcam Communication App using WebRTC | by Flavio Copes | Bits and Pieces

Wish you good luck with this :wink:


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