Strange loading issue

One user reported that he cant see some filtered record which he should.

After filter is applied tables record count shows 11 records.
There are only 4 rows visible for this user.

Same filter for me shows 11 records in records count.
There are 9 rows visible for me.

Both of us have same full-permissions.
If i login as that user i see 9 rows on my computer.

Query is as follows:
{E}.some_join j is not null

Now i figured out the difference that if user has table sorted by for example date in UI. All records are shown.

I suppose ther is some sort of caching in play. I will be glad if i can identify it somehov.

You can enable eclipselink.sql logger and find out what is the difference between SQL requests in those two situations (when 9 rows and when 4 rows are shown).