Storing Survey/Questionnaire Answers

I must apologize for the previous posting as I had asked someone to post the question, and well…was not entirely impressed with their approach. Here is the revised background and question:

We are implementing an assessment/survey type functionality in our platform and are having trouble with as follows:

When creating an editor screen under the AssessmentAssigned entity, questions are not being generated unless an answer is pre-selected. We have studied the cuba-example-survey-ui project extensively, and have found it to work just fine when defining the “PossibleAnswers” up front, but we would like to show the questions, and then have the users select from a defined set of answers (which will always remain static -> yes, no, in progress). So essentially we are asking -> how can we set the table datasource to AssessmentAnswer while still generating a question column showing all questions associated with the particular assessment chosen. I have zipped our current project file and am more than willing to share. Please let me know where I can upload the sample project to have you take a look and see what the problem is.

Thanks so much. I look forward to hearing back. I apologize for any confusion within my explanation above as I’ve been working on this for about 14hrs straight and am likely not thinking straight at this point haha.

Cheers and all the best!

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Where did you find cuba-example-survey-ui project? I am looking into doing a survey in the platform as well.

EDIT: found it: