Sticky Ideas Contest

Hello everybody!

It’s high time for you to use your creative skills somewhere besides the code lines!

Your creativity will be rewarded with a unique prize pack: a hoodie and a T-shirt branded with CUBA.platform and a pack of stickers with creative design!

We are glad to announce a “Sticky Idea” contest. You know, there are ideas, pictures, sayings, memes etc. that for some reason stick to your mind. Such ideas once put on a laptop exterior bring inspiration, recall memories or make someone smile. We need your bright CUBA-connected “sticky ideas” so you can stick them to your laptop to identify yourself as a CUBA community member.

Wow! Contest!

Participation is easy. Make up a bright, memorable and humorous concept for a CUBA platform laptop sticker. The concept can contain a picture, a picture with a slogan or even a slogan alone. Quality of a picture is not important; it can be a sketch on a napkin or even a description. Important: the concept should somehow support CUBA platform or its ideology. Here are some of CUBA platform team values for you to inspire:

  • Professional skills & Mastery
  • Efficiency
  • Constant evolution
  • Up-to-date technologies
  • Systematic approach
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Rationality
  • Transparency

Time limits and procedure:
The contest starts on June 16 and finishes on July 16. Create and publish your idea either on forum in this topic or send them to our email You can publish more than one idea. There can be more than one winner. If your idea is chosen for production, you’ll get your prize pack.
Live long and prosper!


P.S. To enter the contest you should read and accept the Contest Rules here.
By publishing your material you confirm that you have read and accepted the rules.



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In order to inspire you I’m sharing the stickers that we previously released to public:



Want to see more new ideas!


as i work with CUBA platform - i only think about this road sign… i guess it fits the contest for russian users)) add a cuba logo and it would be awesome to say that noone should reinvent bikes. unfortunately in english it is said “reinvent a wheel”


Always Awesome in Forum

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C.U.B.A. - Create(-ing) an Ultimate(-ive) Business Application


Tesseract inside =>Cuba

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Create Undeniably Brilliant Applications

CUBA.platform a totally RAD framework

CUBA the developers destination


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