Sticky Ideas Contest Results

Hello everyone!

It was a great month, and our team was really pleasantly surprised by the ideas that you sent and published here! For now, the contest is finished, and we are ready to announce the results.

We really liked all of the ideas, and here is the final list of the most creative ideas’ authors, whose works have been sent to production:

1. Igor Sheludko @igor.sheludko
2. Kirill Khoroshilov @kxb_pro
3. Ivan Ovchinnikov
4. Ron Pin @avel.noa
5. Ivan Rabkesov @rabkesov

Congratulations to the winners! :tada:

We kindly ask the winners to contact us and give us the clothes size and the adress where we can send the Winner’s Prize Pack: a hoodie and a T-shirt branded with CUBA.platform and a pack of stickers with creative design. Your “Sticky Ideas” for stickers have recetly been passed to production, so we’ll send them a bit later.


Thanks to all of the participants and the community!

And may the odds be in your favor!