StandardCommitAction takes ages to complete (over 10min)


I have a pretty data intensive user case (standardeditor) where the dataContext holds 160 instances at the onBeforeShow() method. When entering the user case I presume the instances are merged in the datacontext, and when clicking on Ok, the datacontext commits changes, that btw don’t exist, then the entities weren’t altered at all, however the datacontext presumes they were. When debugging I see in the DataContextImpl class how the entities are committed. This shouldn’t be so, then the entities shouldn’t be marked as dirty, then no changes were attained.

Any ideas on how further could I investigate the problem?

thanks in advance.



You can put breakpoint to the com.haulmont.cuba.gui.model.impl.DataContextImpl.PropertyChangeListener#propertyChanged method and detect when entities are marked as modified.