Standard modules ignores translation order


I have followed 3.2.10 of documentation for localization. French is first language and then english.

I then applied community translations but reverse file extension (french is the first language of the project): became became
Like in all other resource bundles of my project.

In this situation, it seems that standard modules (core, gui, web and global) ignore order of translations set in cuba.availableLocales. I saw a message at start saying that main messages pack isn’t found. I clear cache, drop database, restart and set languages and properties many times …

Entities attributes label, table columns are set correctly but not standard action buttons (Refresh, cancel, etc) or administration menu/items.

I’ve rollback names from community translation files like in the repo. All the terms are correctly translated now but the file name extensions are reversed between the standard modules and my objects.

I hope to be clear.

Best regards, Stef.
CUBA 7.2.4

Hi Stef,

You shouldn’t rename the files coming from the translation, even if you set French as the default and use files for French. The platform’s messages will be found correctly. See the project attached: (138.0 KB)

When checking that, I found out that the default datatype formats are not valid in French localization (number formats must always use “.” for decimal separator and “,” for grouping) - they are fixed in the sample project.